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I am overjoyed to announce that that I have been accepted to Arizona State University’s Master of Fine Arts program in Theatre - Interdisciplinary Digital Media Performance Studies beginning this Fall.

ASU is the ideal space for me to integrate my skills as a technologist with my calling as a performer. While there, I’ll learn the computer engineering and stagecraft skills I’ll need to create the weird techno-performance art I haven’t even dreamed of yet. I’m incredibly eager, and excited to uncover the greater depths and complexities of my artistry.

My journey to graduate school was not one linear path; it began at 19 when I was began working as as an art model and is the cumulative result of all the adventures that were born out of this creative hobby. My journey required failure, struggle, hard work and a complete trust in the process as the price of admission for this next great adventure. You can learn more about my story by watching my Artist Inc Slide Slam here.

“But I smell the roses not just to remind myself of how lucky I am, but also to wonder how on earth it all happened. I smell the roses to try and figure out how I came to be in the garden at all.” - Alan Cumming