I recently completed Artist Inc’s 8-week arts entrepreneurship program at the Lawrence Arts Center, where I gained deeper insights into business, legal and marketing strategies for my art practice. I’ve been waiting for three years to apply for this program, and I’m grateful to have received this knowledge at this juncture in my life. The Artist Inc program always culminates in an evening of Slide Slams - 15-slide presentations delivered in 5 minutes. I shared some never-before-seen childhood pics, spoke about my current interests as an art-weirdo, and finished with a grand announcement! It was a doozy bringing my storied journey as a creative into focus, and within such narrow parameters, but if there’s anything I know about creativity, it is that is likes constraints. Assembling my presentation helped me accept all my creative experiences over the past decade as a destined journey towards my calling…more on that calling in the video below :)

Thank you to my dear friends (and fellow creative powerhouses!) Johanna Winters and Amanda Pintore for supporting me, and special thank you to my fellow artist-amiga para siempre Blanca Herrada for recording my slide slam! The video starts about 15 seconds into my presentation, here’s the missing text for those who desire it:

“Thank you all for joining us this evening. My name is ONOH, I’m an interdisciplinary artist whose art takes many forms - video, digital collage, performance, puppetry, and most recently creative coding. I divide my interests between computer-powered art and body-centered craft. Here’s the story of how I arrived at this intersection, and the new path I’m currently forging.”