I am so grateful for the opportunity to join Johanna Winters’ traveling company, performing her puppet performance work, ‘ENDLNG’ at the beautiful Open Eye Figure Theatre in Minneapolis, MN! According the artist, ENDLNG “proposes a narrative in which female desire and agency demand to be witnessed. Our protagonist confronts her burdensome longing and disappointment through a merging of puppetry, gesture, language, and ritual. Bolstered by her puppeteer minders as she resists a deteriorating condition, the ENDLNG glimpses a moment of intimacy and resilience through a shadow fever-dream.”

This 25 minute performance weaves marionette and shadow puppetry performance with elements of sound, text and narration. Myself, Alicia Kelly and Stevie Delgado work together performing as shadow puppeteers working together, while artist/writer/director Johanna Winters performs with her Endlng marionette puppet with assistance from fellow performer Alex Olson and narration by Emily Lund. Lexie Balaun is our trusted swing shadow puppeteer! Our company is small but mighty and swiftly becoming a crew of “Swingers” - performers that know not only their role, but sometimes multiple other parts and are ready to “swing” into action under any performance circumstance. I look forward to “swinging” into marionette assistance when we perform ENDLNG again at Plug Projects in Kansas City on July 19th!