My summer is ending the same way it began - with screen printing! Wearing my original Ces Ne Sont Pas Gobletes shirt I designed/printed with @shawnbitters, while printing a stencil designed by @praystation on the jacket I bought in 2012, the year I first started noodling with code. Full friggin' circle ⭕🔴⭕ 

Special thanks to the KU School of Arts Exit Award Committee for awarding me the Hollander Family Foundation Award, which has generously covered my tuition and travel to Anderson Ranch to study with Joshua Davis for a week. I'm finally (FINALLY!!!!!) receiving some formal instruction in Arduino and Processing, after years of DIY/dilettante learning. Over the course of the week, I played with lots of different Arduino sensors but was really taken with Processing. I'm drawn to that specific aesthetic, both digital and perfect, that comes with generative art engendered through creative coding. I have a LONG way to go still in my understanding and incorporating my knowledge into my practice, the borders of which continue to stretch and blend across disciplines. Check out the humble sensor driven animation I made while at Anderson Ranch!