My art is born at the intersection of opposing forces, out of the contradictory relationships between the physical and the digital, the holy and the perverse, the piece and the whole.

As an interdisciplinary artist, I am acutely aware that my body-vessel, marked by my womanhood, my culture, my very spirit, is a target for domination. I challenge this persistent battle for control by both asserting and assessing myself through digital means. The resulting videos, digital collages and performances are vehicles for processing themes of bifurcation, identity, and power.

In the pursuit of balance, I also seek out opportunities to engage in art that is made with many hands. My forays into large scale "trash" puppetry (in the vein of Bread & Puppet Theatre) and, most recently, immersive dance performances for the very young audiences are avenues for me to look away from technology and collaborate face to face with creative humans, creating unique full-bodied work that is experimental, collaborative and accessible.