2018 | video, processing animation

2018 | processing animation

2017 | interactive processing animation

Thanks entirely to the Hollander Family Foundation Award grant, I was able to spend one week this summer at Anderson Ranch Art Center in Snowmass, CO, where I finally took my first steps in creative coding. During my week at Anderson Ranch studying Processing & Arduino with Joshua Davis, I created a humble sensor-driven animation with Processing. This animation randomly generates color-changing ellipses, the paths of which respond in real-time to the x-y coordinates of my mouse. The animation is programmed to reset itself with each mouse click. This little animation makes use of my favorite color palette (red, black, white) and is a slight homage to the great Yayoi Kusama's polka-dots.

2016 | stop motion animation; all figures are crafted from handmade washi paper that I handcrafted at Awagami Paper Factory in the summer of 2016