Bread & Puppet  has offered me a pathway to making art with many hands. I wanted to put my new skills to use in a communal that way also served as the vehicle for my first celebration of Día de los Muertos holiday. My Cuban-American family never celebrated this holiday while growing up in Miami, but now that I have been in Kansas nearly ten years and with most of my Cuban family gone, I long to reach out and grasp the hands of familiars, both physical and metaphysical. 

These calavera puppets were created by a dedicated team of women, and performed in the Nelson Museum of Art (Kansas City, MO) and at the Mattie Rhodes Center (Topeka, KS) as part of their respective November's Día de Muertos festivities. The creative team behind these puppets: Jasmine Deng, Mariel Ferreiro, Blanca Herrada, Vanessa Reynaga, Katherine Romero, Kim Trang, Sandra Yoder (with help from Jett and Ivory), and myself.