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CELEBRATI♀N: jan. 11 - feb. 2

Judy's in NY! I am super excited to participate in CELEBRATI♀N, a multi-disciplinary arts showcase curated by Roost Studios in New Paltz, NY, an collective that organizes, recognizes, and celebrates womxn creatives. 'Only Judy Can Judge Me' will be on view daily until February 2, 2019 along with artworks by 60+ womxn artists. Check out @celebratewomxn845 's stories for an inside peak into their opening reception, including a performance by @qlurdeane, pictured in the embed post!




I have a very nicely framed print of “Jael” on view at Plug Projects as part of run riot, their first ever curated salon show featuring the work of 50 regional and national artists. Being invited to participate in my first group show in Kansas City is a huge deal for me, and I am very much looking forward to experiencing Boi Boy’s newest installation and mingling with the KC/Plug scene at this Friday’s opening reception. run riot will be on view at Plug Projects through November 3 and all works are for sale. See you Friday!


🔺🔵🔶💚 What a show -- thank you to all who experienced Color Play this weekend, especially the little ones who laughed, wondered, danced and dug with us. We made this show with you and for you. What a gift you are to the world. Thank you to the incredible team that I was lucky to be a part of - Amanda, Clarissa, Ernesto, Leah, and Rachel. A huge THANK YOU to the Arts Center pros that made this world real and magical: Tammy Keiser (costume design), Samaria Fleig (lighting design), Toni Young (light board op), Drew Hafling (builder), and Jason Barr (set design). Now, on to the next world!


Last month, I had the pleasure of assisting in Johanna Winters’ puppetry debut in Lawrence at Free State Festival, alongside artists Alicia Kelly, Anne Luben and musician Jeff Stolz. Johanna Winters is the Lawrence Arts Center’s Printmaker-in-Residence and an incredibly talented interdisciplinary artist whose work encompasses print, mask, and very clever low-tech animation.

Devised and directed by Johanna, ‘The Middle Tell’ is a shadow-puppet performance, video projection, and sound piece that chronicles a trio of female bards as they reluctantly surrender to a deteriorating condition. After Johanna re-staged aspects of the work for our performance, we puppeteers rehearsed together before bringing in musical accompaniment. We performed ‘The Middle Tell’ twice on September 21 outside the Lawrence Arts Center as part of Free State Festival’s performance programming.

Having never participated in shadow-puppetry before, I was taken with the relationship between animated performance (puppetry) and performed animation (low-tech projection of hand-crafted and the hand-operated objects). I was also drawn to the communal aspect of our performance, a happening that could only be pulled off through team effort and coordinated choreography of gesture, movement and timing. I have never animated this way but I am more and more curious about the possibilities of this technique. Thank you, Johanna, for inviting me into this process!



Oct. 5 | 6pm

Oct. 6 | 9:30am, 11:15am, 1:30pm, 4pm

Oct. 7 | 9:30am, 11:15am, 1:30pm

Lawrence Arts Center, Lawrence, KS

I am THRILLED to announce that I have been cast as a performer in Color Play, a special devised art performance for the very young, alongside performers Amanda Pintore (director), Ernesto Hodison Jr. and Leah Towle, with live and integrated music from Rachel Allai!

Color Play asks children the following imaginative questions -- what does blue sound like? What does green do when it wakes up in the morning? How does orange dance? Under the direction of Amanda Pintore, performers in Color Play explore how children think about color through a performance directly inspired by the ideas, movements, and words of children ages 2-6 in our Play Lab series, a research-based space for very young children and their caregivers to create with artists. Very young audiences will enter an interactive world where colors make noises, have wild dances, and create delightful surprises. The performance itself will involve live music, exploratory art, and moments of interaction with the audience. Color Play is built in collaboration with the Center of Creative Arts in St. Louis, MO. For tickets to see the Lawrence Arts Center shows in October, click here!

Watch the videos below to learn more about our research and devising process!


I had so much fun getting mad and monstrous with the youth of LFK at my papier-mache mask-making workshop at the Lawrence Public Library! Using cardboard, grocery store bags, and a good amount of goopy-mache glue, students learned the methods of upcycled puppetry. These young artists crafted every inch of their masks: from building a structured skeleton, to sculpting the outer contour form with paper, to painting and performance! All in six hours! Very proud of these kiddos and hope that where they see discarded "waste", they also see opportunities for imaginative making. Thank you to the Lawrence Public Library for having me over!


A huge thank you to Plug Projects for featuring me at their most recent CRIT NIGHT, along with artists David Alpert and Justin Rodier. The feedback I received was very meaningful, and I deeply valued the opportunity to both illuminate the work and push my series further. My CRIT NIGHT artist talk was my first foray into the Kansas City art community, and the first time my collages were presented together in large format! It was very special evening for me as a young artist - I hope to be back very soon, Kansas City!


Humbled and honored to have virtually shared the morning with three young women participating in the P.E.O.P.L.E. program at UW-Madison. We explored creativity as a career-path and shared our favorite art experiences -- Mirror Mask, anime, Judy's Dinner Party, and James Turrell, ftw! Huge thanks to Cate Richards who is literally living her best life while working her butt off pursuing her passion. You inspire me each and every day, friend. 

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Creative coding stills

Been noodling around in Processing, slowly but surely. I reworked my first animation, swapped Attractor for Swarm, and this is the result. Really taken with the movement of the graphics, and forever obsessed with this color trinity. 

DOT (Full Show!)


In January and February of 2018, the Lawrence Arts Center introduced a brand new Play Lab Series for 2-5 year olds. In these research sessions, we worked with child/caregiver pairs using improvised dance and painting. These sessions were recorded and served as research for our upcoming dance performance for children ages 2-5, Dot. Children were our artistic partners in our process. All of the choreography for Dot will be performed by adults and based on our interactions in the Play Lab Series. We ask the question: what if we danced the way that children draw?

Under the creative direction of Amanda Pintore, lead choreographer and primary researcher, I was a dancer-researcher in our Play Lab Series and served as one of the four dancers in Dot. After studying the movement of our very young dancers, my cultivated movement patterns include sweeping magic arms, wild battles, and sneaky surprises...

Working on DOT was a profound experience for me as an artist. I have never worked with very young children before, certainly not as equitable collaborators, and the experience of living in my body so completely as a dancer confirmed many of suspicions regarding my art identity, an identity centered by a creative, collaborative being -- a dancer; a performer; a clown; an empathetic, collaborative being who blossoms in imagined spaces of creative world building. That's a lot to attribute to a 40 minute show where the intended audience is 2-5 years old, but truth be told, DOT was anything but a "kid's show". It was a performance art experience that could be experienced, enjoyed and appreciated by human beings across all ages. DOT challenged notions of what an expected art experience could be, and more importantly, who art can be made for. I loved being a part of this unique show and the phenomenal team behind it! The depths of my performance abilities were thoroughly explored thanks to a brilliant cross-collaboration between music, child, dancer, musician, costume designer, and all the scenic elements combined. 

Watch the full show here!



What if we danced the way that children draw? Performers in Dot explore how children move their bodies when they create art and share a performance directly inspired by the movement and artistry of children ages 2-5. Very young audiences will enter a blank world made from paper that the adult dancers transform through color, line, and shape over the course of the performance. Join us and experience dancing, painting on stage, live music, and moments of interaction with audiences.  


It's In Our Hands  (2018)

It's In Our Hands (2018)

I am very excited to announce that my newest Power of Women collage has been accepted into the 12"x12" National Juried Exhibition juried by Hong Chun Zhang and hosted by the Lawrence Arts Center. Over a hundred applicants submitted works and I feel incredibly humbled to not only have had my work selected, but selected by a artist whom I have long admired and for whom I have the utmost respect. The path from idly admiring Hong's exquisitely laborous drawings as a gallery visitor, to studying her techniques in my beginning drawing classes, to receiving today's news has been strange and circuitous, and I am grateful for the journey. 

12" x 12" opens on October 27 (Final Fri reception 5-9pm) at the Lawrence Arts Center and runs through December 22nd. See you then!



INTERVIEW WITH odeandiefreude.com/

“The concept of an empowered woman is nothing new; we are not a modern, antithetical response to systems of patriarchal oppression. Within each empowered woman is a long lineage of women’s strength and resilience.” 

I spoke with ODENANDIEFREUDE.com about my collage process and my involvement in Nasty Women: Empowerment, curated by Creative Debuts.  Read the full interview here!


I am THRILLED to announce that my digital collage, 'Only Judy Can Judge Me', has been chosen as one of 40 feminist artworks to exhibit in Empowerment, a show co-curated by @CreativeDebuts and @NastyWomenExhibition in collaboration with @nastywomennortheast,  @nastywomenlondon, and Nasty Women in Amsterdam, Lisbon, and Brussels! Tickets available via Creative Debuts!
To celebrate #internationalwomensday on March 8, part of the money raised from the exhibition will be donated to the End Violence Against Women Coalition to protect women’s rights worldwide. See videos and photos from the event over at Creative Debuts!

-AMERICAN @ the bourgeois pig

-American, ft contemporary work by Latinx and Asian-American artists opens tonight at the @thebourgeoispig, 8pm! I have a new iteration of my breasticles sculpture work included in the show, which I helped organize. With this iteration (titled -matr [ii]) of my breasticles as material, I wanted to draw direct attention to the flesh-tone quality of the hosiery, and was interested i creating a spectrum matrix with these representations of skin tones.

Show description: Represented here are seven artists spanning a multicultural spectrum of Chicana, Chinese-Vietnamese-American, Cuban-American, Hmong, and multiracial Mexican-European-American heritage. Like the artists themselves, no two works are alike in either content or medium, but all are bound by a shared quality, a common denominator, of Otherized cultural endowment. We are each the resilient, forlorn, inventive expressive daughters of immigrants.

-American has its FINAL FRIDAY OPENING RECEPTION tomorrow at 5pm, and there is a LOT of Latinx/POC art to see in Lawrence! Tomorrow night is also the Native American Art Showcase at the Murphy-Bromelsick House (1000 Delaware St) from 5-9pm ft work by @irisncliff, among others! And ALSO, @merkabawellnesscentercelebrates its first anniversary with a Final Friday Poetry Slam ft artists from Black Lawrence! 👏GO.


Bread & Puppet  has offered me a pathway to making art with many hands. I wanted to put my new skills to use in a communal that way also served as the vehicle for my first celebration of Día de los Muertos holiday. My Cuban-American family never celebrated this holiday while growing up in Miami, but now that I have been in Kansas nearly ten years and with most of my Cuban family gone, I long to reach out and grasp the hands of familiars, both physical and metaphysical. 

These calavera puppets were created by a dedicated team of women, and performed in the Nelson Museum of Art (Kansas City, MO) and at the Mattie Rhodes Center (Topeka, KS) as part of their respective November's Día de Muertos festivities. The creative team behind these puppets: Jasmine Deng, Mariel Ferreiro, Blanca Herrada, Vanessa Reynaga, Katherine Romero, Kim Trang, Sandra Yoder (with help from Jett and Ivory), and myself. 


I was lucky enough to perform for Marina Peng, a multidisciplinary badass from St. Louis, as part of her solo-exhibition at 50/50 Gallery in Kansas City, presenting 'Take Care'. Take Care features a series of installation and new media works that call attention to the daily emotional labor that marginalized individuals take on silently. The exhibition explores different coping mechanisms that these individuals use to defend, watch out for, and take care of themselves in spaces where they are subject to tokenism, micro-aggressions, gaslighting, discrimination, or violence.

You can see documentation of the performances here, and learn more about Marina and her work by visiting her website



My summer is ending the same way it began - with screen printing! Wearing my original Ces Ne Sont Pas Gobletes shirt I designed/printed with @shawnbitters, while printing a stencil designed by @praystation on the jacket I bought in 2012, the year I first started noodling with code. Full friggin' circle ⭕🔴⭕ 

Special thanks to the KU School of Arts Exit Award Committee for awarding me the Hollander Family Foundation Award, which has generously covered my tuition and travel to Anderson Ranch to study with Joshua Davis for a week. I'm finally (FINALLY!!!!!) receiving some formal instruction in Arduino and Processing, after years of DIY/dilettante learning. Over the course of the week, I played with lots of different Arduino sensors but was really taken with Processing. I'm drawn to that specific aesthetic, both digital and perfect, that comes with generative art engendered through creative coding. I have a LONG way to go still in my understanding and incorporating my knowledge into my practice, the borders of which continue to stretch and blend across disciplines. Check out the humble sensor driven animation I made while at Anderson Ranch!