I am an artist who finds the struggles at the heart of compromise endlessly fascinating. My art springs forth from the contradictory spaces between the physical and the digital, the holy and the perverse, the mechanical and the organic. My  practice encompass performance, animation, and digital media; I use technology and the digital realm to better understand issues of the spirit, issues of control of power, and the quandaries of my own intersectionality. The resulting digital projects and performances are vehicles for processing themes of bifurcation, identity, and control.

I am acutely aware that my body-vessel, marked by my womanhood, my culture, my very spirit, is a target for domination. I challenge this persistent battle for control by both asserting and assessing myself through digital means. Throughout my work, I use my body as a character and as a medium, projecting myself into the digital realm; it is in this blue-screen space that I embark an autopsy of my identities, in an effort to determine who is truly in control of me. When I am not physically present in the work, I engage the viewer in an indexical game of reference and association. I merge high-tech with no tech; an abandoned bike becomes an instrument through Arduino technology; a playful stop motion emerges from humble handmade paper or discarded magazine contents. The body may not always be seen, but it can be sensed. This imagined space between the seen and the sensed is where I do my dirty work.